April Newsletter

Welcome Spring. Love your body. Come to Pilates.

Schedule Changes... WEDNESDAYS at 9:00 and 10:15am will now both be Community-style classes with the 9:00a class encouraged for those looking for more strength training in their workout. 

We are looking for pregnant ladies to join us for our latest PX series: PX Prenatal. If you are interested or know of anyone interested please contact Nikole at nikoleatbalance@gmail.com The instructor, Nikole Dowler, has 15 years experience teaching Pilates and has extensive coursework and personal experience on the pre- and post-natal body. She also re-trained her core muscles after two C-sections. Stay strong and work towards an easier delivery with Pilates!

NEW! Private Session PROMO...This package includes ONE 55-minute individual session and ONE class of your choice. Valid one per person and through May 2016... $50

Thoughts on Pilates Success
1. Be consistent... Come to class regularly. We encourage 2x a week to see real changes in the body.
2. Breathe... to facilitate a mindful practice, to recruit deep core activation, and to keep yourself in the moment.
3. Listen... accept where your body is each day. We have low and high energy days. Be aware of those changes and practice with an understanding of where you're at.
4. Be on time... Give your body a chance to settle into a workout. Arrive 5 minutes before class. Stretch, breathe, chill out.
5. Be kind... avoid negative self talk during your practice. Obvious, true, and not always easy. Notice how you respond to kindness. Your body is no different.

Thank you for your continued support of all our classes at Balance. Our PX classes are gaining momentum and we look forward to new developments as we continue to be grateful and loving 2016!!!

Nikole Dowler, director at balance