Summer 2018

'Move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river... Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.'
-Anthony Bourdain



Embrace the Now.


All classes passes must be used by Saturday, 7/21/18
Classes are listed week to week as summer will be a time to refresh, renew & recreate. 

Week of 6/11
Mon 9:15a, 10:30a & 5:15pm
Wed 9:00a & 10:15a
Sat 9:15a

Week of 6/18
M 9:30a & 5:15p
W 9:00a & 10:15a
F 9:00a & 10:15a
S 9:15a

Week of 6/25
M 9:30a & 5:15p
W 9:00a & 10:15a
F 9:00a & 10:15a
S 9:15a

Week of 7/2
M 9:30a & 5:15p
F 9:00a & 10:15a
S 9:15a

Week of 7/9
M 9:30a & 5:15p
W 9:00a & 10:15a
F 9:00a & 10:15a
S 9:15a

Week of 7/16
M 9:30a & 5:15p
W 9:00a & 10:15a
F 9:00a & 10:15a
S 9:15a

Friday, June 15th
Tuesday & Wednesday, July 3rd & 4th
Monday, July 23rd- Aug 4th

As a movement & healing arts instructor for over 25 years, I sought natural remedies for healing & recovery and so began the journey that was to become Black Market Wellness. I research & hand select all the ingredients, produce everything by hand, and use them myself on a daily basis. My intention is to share remedies that nurture, relieve & support healthy living. My mantra is 'your body, your home'. 
All my handmade goods are now available at Balance. 
Self care is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. We are better able to ground ourselves as well as remain responsive instead of reactive through nurturing & loving ourselves. Love yourself up!!!

As a parent, I reached a milestone. One child graduated elementary school. In the blink of an eye. 
Time truly does fly.
It begs the question: what am I doing with my time? And I ask you the same?
Let's embrace Summer. Close our eyes and breathe in the warm air... Let's listen to the crashing of the waves...Let's take the time to be present, to slow down & look one another in the eye...
Let's work on being light & filled with love.

And of course taking care of ourselves. See you at the studio.

In light & love,

Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness.'  -J.Pilates
Next Class Series: 4/9 through 5/11


Spring Schedule & Updates at BALANCE

MARCH 23rd classes will be changed to 9:15am & 10:35am to ease studio & parking lot congestion. Classes were previously scheduled at 9:30a & 10:35a. 

TUESDAY 3/27 at 9:00am All Levels
This class is open to everyone. If you have unused class passes this is a perfect opportunity to use them up before 3/29. Please share if you'd like me to reserve a spot. 


9:30am Community
5:15pm Power

9:00am Power
10:15am Community

9:00am Power (new time!)
10:15am Community (new time!)

10:30am Pilates for Dancers (no class 4/14)

Tuesday 4/17 at 9:00am & Saturday 4/21 at 9:15am


Summer at BALANCE




Practice your TEASER...

White bikini optional

(Joe Pilates)

Did you know Joe Pilates taught 'fitness' classes to young dancers for many summers at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in Massachusetts?
What are your summer plans?
This SUMMER at BALANCE we offer flexible class packages & daily class offerings so you're able to maintain a consistent Pilates practice.
Join us when you can to stay centered and strong all summer long!

8 classes for $170 (regularly $180)... Longer expiration!!! 
Valid for use with classes between June 1st and August 11, 2017.
Class passes may be used for 60-minute group classes & 45-minute PX Cardio classes. One package per person and the class passes cannot be shared.
(Available for purchase 6/1-15)

PX Cardio Summer Package...4 class pack for $60
These sessions are rigorously paced 45-minute Pilates Reformer classes combining classic & contemporary Pilates exercises with cardio intervals on the Pilates Springboard. Boost metabolism, sweat, and build muscular tone!
Class times: Mondays at 6:30p, Wednesdays at 5:30p, and Saturdays at 9:00a
12 hour pre-enrollment request.
Valid for use 6/1-7/21... One package per person...
 (Available for purchase 6/1-15)

GRATITUDE Class with Nikole... All Levels welcome
*Free of charge to anyone who purchases one or more class sessions in June
Thursday, June 22nd at 9:00am... Happy Body, Centered Mind...
Join us at the studio for a Pilates and yoga-inspired mat class designed to welcome your body to the day. Perfect for those who wake up achy or sore & seek movement sequencing to restore ease of movement & physical harmony.  
Align & restore. Get happy in your body. 
Class will make use of balls, bands, and other necessary props.

Summer Vacation... The studio will be CLOSED:
Monday, 7/3- Saturday, 7/8
Monday, 7/24- Saturday, 8/5

What Our CLIENTS are saying...

I started Pilates 12 years ago after a back injury. I have been hooked ever since! I began training with Nikole eight years ago...She changes up the routine constantly and is very articulate in her instruction. She makes the workout fun and challenging. The studio is always clean, fresh, and comfortable. You can tell that she loves her job and takes pride in her studio. -TE

When most health studios have an ever revolving door of members I recently found myself pondering the question as to why Nikole has such a devoted following. I admit to being one of the devotees myself and can honestly say that twice a week in a group reformer class with Nikole provides the strength and toning I need to fight arthritis and prevent injury... -BM


In a short year, my balance and strength have improved significantly, putting the spring back in my step... -CC

January 2017

We welcome in 2017 and invite you back to your Pilates practice on JANUARY 2nd as we re-open our doors at BALANCE. 
Take advantage of what our studio continues to bring year after year: an unsurpassed body-changing workout, a welcoming space, and encouraging instructors to guide and support you on your path to be stronger, happier, and, of course, more toned.

NEW Class...Nikole will be teaching Restore on Tuesdays at 10:15am beginning the week of January 9th. This class is recommended for those new to Pilates, those recovering from injury as well as those seeking a more restorative-style class. We will include foundational Matwork, therapeutic props, mindful stretching, and Reformer exercises safe for most everyone. (60 minute class)

Free PX Class for Instagram followers!! SATURDAY, JAN 8th at 9:00am
If you love our classes, let us know! We are offering a FREE PX class to our Instagram followers. Either start following us @nikoleatbalance and LIKE our latest post or if you already follow then simply LIKE the latest post. 
We will be offering a FREE class to the first 8 people that respond. You will receive a confirmation via Instagram or email. 

BALANCE is hosting Meg Whitney of @meganeshayoga on Sunday, January 15th at 9:00am for a Vinyasa Flow class. Meg's teaching style inspires us with her fluid sequencing & supportive class environment. She teaches throughout the Central Coast and is someone that we seek out to improve our own yoga practice. BALANCE's intimate studio space will give us an up-close opportunity to learn from one of the Central Coast's best.
Class attendance is $10. 


December 2016

Gratitude... As I reach the end of my twelfth year in business I'm full of wonder, and yes, gratitude. Not a day goes by that I don't marvel at what a kind community of mindful people we are given the opportunity to share and learn from each day at BALANCE. 
Thank you for another sweet year. I look forward to many more in our new home.

HOLIDAY BREAK: We are closed Thursday, 12/22 through Saturday, 12/31
Note: Nikole's Classes will be cancelled on Monday, Dec 12th

DoTerra essential oils are the gold standard. We proudly offer them at the studio.
Our current favorites are available bottled or in roller vials for convenient (all day) use...
Clary Calm (for Women) Balances mood and hormonal swings...The best blend for your worst week
Balance (Grounding blend) Promotes tranquility and relaxation; perfect blend to start or end your day
InTune (Focus blend) Enhances sustained concentration. Includes Patchouli, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Roman Chamomile
OnGuard (Protective blend) Immunity booster. Includes clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. 

During the holiday season classes are especially FULL. We will be implementing our 12-hour cancellation policy. If you're not able to attend class, please let us know. Someone else might really need to be here...

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15TH at 9:00am
Please join us for our first ever Sunday Flow at BALANCE with MEG WHITNEY
Local yoga instructor/educator Meg Whitney's  classes are thoughtful, engaging, and a weekly MUST for maintaining peace of mind. More info soon...

Simple Steps towards Improving your PILATES Practice
I recommend approaching your practice as you would Life. Be kind to yourself above all.
1. LISTEN to your body. Zoning into your body's subtle cues is the first step towards real physical change. Each day is different as is your physical body. Treat it well and be patient. 
2. Build an INNER dialogue of positivity. Practice feeling grateful for what your body can do as opposed to being disappointed in what it cannot. Try taking an entire class WITHOUT negative self talk. 
3. MINDFUL movement over choreography. Think about how you approach movement rather than the final outcome. Spinal articulation leads to a supportive, healthy Bridge. Exhaling deepens the connection to our deepest core muscles. Make movement more than just the pose.
4. Choose to BE PRESENT. Errands, work, and every other little thing will be there waiting for you in an hour. With a mindful practice you are better equipped to handle what life brings.
It is our sincere hope to provide opportunities to better your BALANCE (and peace of mind) every time you walk through our doors.
We care about how you feel.  Find balance at BALANCE. 

June Newsletter

Goodbye... Hello... 

How can we deliver news of change but to blurt...Balance is MOVING! 

In June 2004, Balance opened for business in the SLO Creamery. For those of you who have been here from the beginning (thank you!) and wouldn't you agree that time really does fly...

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce our move to another downtown SLO location at 2074 Parker Street, Suite 112 where we will be sharing space with the SLO Movement Arts Center. SLOMAC is a 6,000 square foot ballet and contemporary dance studio recently opened by Ryan and Maartje Lawrence. They are building a space supporting a diverse array of movement arts and I feel there is no better home for Balance. Our businesses will operate independently but we look forward to being surrounded by dance, yoga, and people who love to move.

We will continue to offer our classic 60 minute Group Reformer and Private Instruction sessions as well as continue with the development of our PX45 (Pilates Express) classes including Classic, Cardio, Flow, and our latest addition MOVE! We are growing our evening and mid-day classes this month.

During the summer months we intend to acclimate to our new surroundings, adjust class programming based on demand, and see where this new journey takes us. Above all, we hope you will support our transition and be a part of our new studio space. Perks include ample parking, cleaner bathrooms, and an opportunity to practice in fresh surroundings

I will post news and updates on Instagram @balancepilatesslo and on our website at

We anticipate a smooth transition from June into July closing only from 7/1-7/4. 

Classes will begin in our new location on Tuesday, July 5th. We will begin taking reservations on 6/13.


PX MOVE! with Nikole on Tuesdays at 11:30am

Sculpt, sweat, cardio, repeat. Work it out on and off the Reformer.

Demanding pace for those who want to get up and Move! (No dance skills required)


PX Classic with Kasey on Tuesdays at 5:30pm

PX Classic with Lindsay on Saturdays at 9:15am. Starts 6/11

April Newsletter

Welcome Spring. Love your body. Come to Pilates.

Schedule Changes... WEDNESDAYS at 9:00 and 10:15am will now both be Community-style classes with the 9:00a class encouraged for those looking for more strength training in their workout. 

We are looking for pregnant ladies to join us for our latest PX series: PX Prenatal. If you are interested or know of anyone interested please contact Nikole at The instructor, Nikole Dowler, has 15 years experience teaching Pilates and has extensive coursework and personal experience on the pre- and post-natal body. She also re-trained her core muscles after two C-sections. Stay strong and work towards an easier delivery with Pilates!

NEW! Private Session PROMO...This package includes ONE 55-minute individual session and ONE class of your choice. Valid one per person and through May 2016... $50

Thoughts on Pilates Success
1. Be consistent... Come to class regularly. We encourage 2x a week to see real changes in the body.
2. Breathe... to facilitate a mindful practice, to recruit deep core activation, and to keep yourself in the moment.
3. Listen... accept where your body is each day. We have low and high energy days. Be aware of those changes and practice with an understanding of where you're at.
4. Be on time... Give your body a chance to settle into a workout. Arrive 5 minutes before class. Stretch, breathe, chill out.
5. Be kind... avoid negative self talk during your practice. Obvious, true, and not always easy. Notice how you respond to kindness. Your body is no different.

Thank you for your continued support of all our classes at Balance. Our PX classes are gaining momentum and we look forward to new developments as we continue to be grateful and loving 2016!!!

Nikole Dowler, director at balance

March Newsletter 2016

Balance- A Pilates Studio
San Luis Obispo

Busy schedule? Lunch break? Try PX45!

Our 45 minute Pilates Express (PX45) suit those with hectic daily schedules. We offer classes mid-day and in the evenings. Cardio, Classic, Flow, and coming soon Detox (turn up the heat!)

March Studio Specials...
New Client Package... Learn the basics of Pilates then test out any class
1 Individual session/1 Class...$50
Intro PX45 Package
4 PX classes (50 days)...$40

Click here for March 2016 Schedule
Instructors: Amber, Kasey, Lindsay, Marisa, Nikole

Cancellation: We require 12 hour notice to avoid being charged for missed classes. 
Packages: All packages have a 35 day expiration. No exceptions.

Spring Closure. The studio will be closed Thursday, March 24th through Friday, April 1st. We will re-open on Monday, April 4th.

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Balance- A Pilates Studio

Thanksgiving brings with it opportunities for gratitude. Consciously taking the time to be present with the ones you love, to eat and play with them. Of course, it also brings the stressors of adding more to our already full plates. We encourage you to maintain a consistent fitness practice for not only your body but also your mind during the holiday season. 

We look forward to seeing you at the studio and wish you the happiest holiday season.



NEW Class: PX Classic

Love your Reformer classes but need a condensed version of our awesome full body workout? Try our PX Classic! 

This 45 minute session includes all your favorite Pilates 'classics': Footwork, Legs in Straps, Standing Sequences, and lots of good core.

Classes available on Thursdays at 9am (Kasey) and 5:30pm (Lindsay)


Group Class Schedule
December 2015

All classes use Pilates Reformer

Mon 10:00a Community
Mon 5:15p Power
Mon 6:30p PX45 Cardio Sculpt* (Lindsay)

Tues 9:00a Cardio-lates
Tues 10:15a Power
Tues 5:30p PX45 Flow-ilates*(Amber) NEW Class!

Wed 9:00a Power
Wed 10:15a Community
Wed 5:30p PX Barre*(Kasey) NEW Class!

Thurs 9:00a PX Classic (NKasey) NEW Class!
Thurs 5:30p PX Classic (Lindsay) NEW Class!

Fri 9:00a Power
Fri 10:15a Community NEW Class!
Fri 11:30a PX45 Cardio Sculpt*(Marisa) NEW Class!

**Group Reformer Class Pricing
60 minute classes
(Power, Community, Cardio-lates)
Instructor: Nikole
$25.... single session
$100...4 class pack
$180...8 class pack
$240...12 class pack

December Promotion
Buy 8 Group Reformer classes, receive 1 PX class FREE
(good through 2015)

**PX Class Pricing
$15....single session
$55.... 4 class pack
$95.....8 class pack

Introductory PX Package
45 minute classes
4 classes...$40
50 day expiration




November Newsletter

November 2015

In 1945, Joseph Pilates wrote "the acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors." While these sentiments still ring true today, we offer a Pilates hybrid for you to sample...PX45!!!

Pilates Express or PX45 classes are 45 minute sessions designed to support those with active, healthy and busy lifestyles. These classes are an excellent compliment to our 60 minute Group Reformer classes, fun to attend on their own, and offer alternatives on the Reformer. 

Each class was specifically designed to target the muscle groups and movement quality experienced in Sculpt, Barre, and Flow-style classes.

MON at 6:30p Cardio Sculpt/Lindsay
TUE at 5:30p Flow-ilates/Amber
WED at 5:30p Barre/Kasey
TH at 9:00a Barre/Kasey
FRI at 11:30a Cardio Sculpt/Marisa

Please email or call to reserve your Space!
Intro Offer 4 PX classes for $40...50 day expiration

Meet the New Instructors at BALANCE

Kasey Burgunder was born and raised in SLO. She studied dance at the Academy of Dance, performed with the Civic Ballet of SLO, and went on to complete her BFA in Dance from UCSB. Besides continuing to practice dance and Pilates, Kasey is also an independent artist with her own jewelry line. She teaches PX Barre.

Lindsay Dilworth discovered Pilates while attending college at Chapman University as a Dance Performance major. She was certified in Stott Pilates in both Mat and Reformer. Her love of dance, science, and intelligent movement inform her work. She teaches PX Cardio Sculpt.

Amber Sandoval began her yoga training when she was faced with chronic injury in her knees after extensive training in gymnastics and wushu kung-fu. Afraid of losing her active lifestyle, she took to yoga and Pilates as physical therapy. She taught yoga in Hawaii for several years and attended the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in 2006. She teaches PX Flow-ilates. 

NOVEMBER Holiday Schedule Changes
Nov 23-27,2015

9:00a PX TBD
10:00a Community
5:15p Power
6:30p PX Cardio Sculpt

9:00a Cardiolates
10:15a Power
5:30p PX Flow-ilates

Studio closed 11/25-11/27
Classes will resume Monday, Nov 30th

We respectfully request that anyone practicing at the studio, please wear socks for safety and health reasons. Socks are available for purchase at the studio or you are welcome to wear your own. Thank you!