Group Class Offerings

Group Reformer Classes  (60 minutes)
We offer 2 distinct styles: Community and Power
While we provide challenging workouts in all classes differentiating allows you greater control over your fitness schedule.




Community classes are open to all ability levels with prior Pilates experience. These are flowing workout classes that focus on core strengthening and structural alignment while building greater flexibility and overall tone. Instructional cues will emphasize the connections between mind and body, muscle firing patterns, and breath awareness.




Power classes are for those with Pilates experience seeking a more challenging workout. The pace will be more rigorous than in the Community level classes and more physically demanding exercises will be offered.


Pilates Express Classes/ PX45  (45 minutes)
PX45 classes are 45-minute sessions that move at a deliberate pace. In addition to building Cardio strength, classes also incorporate hand weights, bands, and fitness balls to drive the workout intensity. 
Developed by Master instructor Nikole Dowler.

PX Classic



PX Classic- Our condensed version of the 60 minute Power class. Includes all your Pilates favorites. Focuses on the whole body- legs, arms, standing sequences, and lots of good core.

PX Cardio


PX Cardio- Sweat, burn, repeat. Classes are effective for those seeking a hard-core, straight forward Pilates sequence incorporating the Pilates Reformer, Jump Board, Hand Weights, and Small Ball- anything we can do to make it 'burn'. Equal parts upper body, lower body, and abs.



Please confirm your reservation prior to arrival. 
We request a 12 hour courtesy cancellation.
Our new studio will be enrolling 7 students max per class,
late cancels will be charged for the missed class.