Balance offers a variety of instructional options to
suit most everyone's needs.
• Individual Instruction
• Group Reformer Classes
• PX 45 (Pilates Express) Classes

Balance offers its clients a tranquil space to work on themselves. We specialize in equipment-based classes. The owner, Nikole Dowler, has been instructing clients for over 15 years and takes great pride in being part of the SLO wellness community since 2001.

Whether it be in our rigorous Cardiolates classes, individually with an instructor to establish an understanding of Pilates Fundamentals, or in our exclusive Pilates Express (PX45) classes, clients of the studio are encouraged to practice efficiently to gain the best results physically and mentally. We encourage you to experience all of the various class offerings in order to find the best class suited to your needs. 


Connect mind and body. Achieve real change.


Familiarize yourself with the studio by reviewing our wide variety of class  offerings and introductory packages. Begin the journey to knowing your body better...

*Studio Specials*
New Client Package... Learn the basics of Pilates then test out any class: 1 Individual session/1 Class...$50
Intro PX45 Package: 4 PX classes (50 days)...$40

April 2016