Established Expertise 

                      PILATES Instruction in SLO since 2001

Nikole Dowler, Certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor, Director at BALANCE since 2004

'I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises." -Joseph H. Pilates, 1965 (age 86)

THE PILATES METHOD:     Pilates works the whole body... The Method builds length & strength...Refine your movement..   

Practice faithfully, and see not only your body but your Life change.  Increase your range of motion and flexibility, strengthen your abdominals and spine... Learn how to balance better, understand proper alignment, build your lung capacity, and develop a centered practice your body will enjoy.

OUR STUDIO:     What makes BALANCE studio unique? Our studio offers small group sessions designed to support each individual's fitness level. We all have room to grow and our classes aim to support the novice safely and push even the most seasoned Pilates enthusiast. Our studio continues to be recognized as the most consistent & successful Pilates space on the Central Coast since 2004.  

OUR CLIENTS:     What do BALANCE clients look like? Many clients have trained with Nikole since she began teaching on the Central Coast in 2001. We also serve dancers looking to cross train, adults looking to build their core strength and avoid injury, others attend to not only keep their bodies aligned but their minds centered. So I would say BALANCE clients don't 'look' a certain way but ALL seek to deepen their understanding of how the body moves, how to strengthen the body safely, and how to be in their body most efficiently and effectively. 


Classes begin 2/26

Nikole returns to teaching 2/26!!!

Check the Website and Instagram (@nikoleatbalance) for updates to her schedule, new exercise videos, and to stay connected.